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July Newsletter

July is one of my fave months to look forward to. 
Maybe because it's my birthday month🦁, or the excitement of the approaching summer school holidays, or that everything is in full bloom and there is so much intense colour and the carefree mañana attitude everywhere. I enjoy the bright mornings that are easy (or maybe just easier) to wake up to, and then the long, long days where it feels like you can cram so much in thanks to all the extra daylight. We are lucky to live by the beach, so we can spend drawn out breezy days there through the summer.
I have been out and about this month enjoying the flowers, whilst we can still physically walk outside. We are forecast to hit 40 degrees (104 Fahrenheit) here in Essex over the next couple of days. Our country, is quite simply, not built for this- no air con, melting railway tracks and an (even more) under pressure health care system. The wild fires through Europe are terrifying. These heatwaves will become scarily more common and it's actually mind boggling how blasé our government seems to be about this national emergency.
I'll stop there before I get too ranty. Keep cool and safe everyone. 
Some pretty flower pics to diffuse the anger.
July's collection is a floral extravaganza. Inspired by a vintage sun bleached colour palette and ditsy florals you might find in a Beatrix Potter garden, this is the ultimate floral collection to keep us going through the summer.
Launching this Friday, it will be my last summer based floral stock update, as August is filled with wedding orders (and the kids holidays, which is always a juggle). The next collection will be a mood shift towards Autumn, so this is the last of the summer candles (wine). 
If you'd like to see the inspiration behind the collection, you can find the Pinboard here.
When I started painting sunflower candles to raise money for Ukraine back in March, I optimistically thought it would be a one off fundraising attempt, not knowing that five months later Ukraine would still be suffering. 
I had a little plan that I could do a charity based candle each month, and had plotted in other charities to focus the fundraising. Now day 144 of the invasion and I feel like I can't abandon my little efforts whilst the war still goes on. So another month, and another candle to try and help raise some money for the Ukraine appeal. 
Please see this month's sunflower design and 100% of the sale will go to DEC Ukraine Appeal.  
The Lucky Dip candle option is updated each month and is a limited quantity, the design is a secret until you receive your package. I do not share this design on social media until I have revealed here in the newsletter so it doesn't spoil any gifting surprises. 
Rose inspired, the design for May was below 🌺🌺