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May Newsletter

Look at those doors!!!!!!!!!!! Guess where I've been?!
Despite living about half an hour away when I was in my late twenties, until last week, I have never visited Kew Gardens (which is one of a few (many?) regrets from this time living in one of the swankiest postcodes I've ever managed to luck out with). I went on the train to Kew with my mum and sister, to celebrate lil sis' birthday. And the sky started to pour pretty much the moment we got off the train. 
I went with completely no preconceptions of Kew and thought it was utterly tremendous (even though it was raining and some parts were closed, causing slight hanger induced rage from my mum that followed finding out the Marianne North gallery wasn't open that day😲). Although the sun did creep out for some lovely moments and I managed to photograph pretty much every rose there like an obsessed botanist (spending hours fawning over the David Austin website made me feel like I was seeing celebrities in real life and my rose shopping list has got even longer).
Look at those jolly alliums. I can not wait to go back.
Okay okay moving swiftly on. A new month, a new drop and two new collections launching this coming Friday 27th May. 
I probably should save some creative brain power and stagger these two collections, but I wanted to offer two collections as they are both quite niche! But I hope you love them. 
P.S Who remembers when everyone went crazy for Clubhouse? It was the first time I'd heard American speakers say the word ‘niche’, took me a while to work it out as it is pronounced so differently over there!
Inspired by a recent trip to Margate, this collection is a little ode to the shell grotto and fun seaside colours. Mixing intricately painted shells and seaside trinkets make this collection a nice little addition for upcoming summer dinners.
If you'd like to see the inspiration behind the collection, you can find the Pinboard here.
Get comf, this will take a little longer to explain…. 
I am really lucky and fortunate to get many requests for bespoke wedding candles. I LOVE doing wedding candles but can realistically only complete around 3-5 bespoke orders a month (depending on quantity /timing etc). Bespoke take a lot longer, so it just isn't possible to squeeze them in, but it makes me feel a bit sad every time I tell someone I can't take on their bespoke vision….
 Sooooo, I thought of a little solution. 
A new range of pretty, delicate versatile floral candles that customers can choose to add bespoke details to- basically a pick and mix buffet of bespoke elements. I will have the candles waiting, and then can custom them up once the order is placed. You can choose to add on little initials and wedding dates, or even add a sprinkling of hearts and lucky horseshoes at the checkout if you would like these details! 
This additional bespoke service is free of charge and on the Orna/Meg house as I love weddings and seeing the pretty pics after is special for me too! 🥰
This is the first time I'm trying something like this. The range is inspired by the ultimate pretty Sissinghurst White Garden. The simple green based colour palette will fit in nicely with a wide range of colour themes as I have focused on the foliage- also making nice gifts or favours for the wedding party. 
If you would like to order these with the bespoke detailing, all you need to do is order via the website and just add your preferred initials and dates and if you want some little hearts and lucky horseshoe details added. Of course, they can also be ordered without the custom detailing as they also make nice candles for other events and interiors 😃
If you'd like to see the inspiration behind the collection, you can find the Pinboard here.
The Lucky Dip candle option is updated each month and is a limited quantity, the design is a secret until you receive your package. I do not share this design on social media until I have revealed here in the newsletter so it doesn't spoil any gifting surprises. 
The design for March was a more tropical looking intricate floral. I think I was missing being on holiday when I painted these 🌺🌺
Newness alert too, I am also introducing a new single Lucky Dip option for the next drop (same design as the pair but for those that just want a single candle) 🥰