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Behind the Scenes- September



I really can't jabber on about what I've been up to.. as I have been mainly candle painting non stop! I have had to embrace the kids being in school and cracking on to catch up from the summer holidays, so September has felt non-stop in a good productive kind of way! 
ANYWAY I CAN'T WAIT ANY LONGER! First up, I'm really excited to show you all here first, what I have been working on… as I have a lot of messages every day enquiring about my candles, so I would like to present this new e-book, an in-depth comprehensive step-by-step guide behind how to paint candles, including the tools, brushes, methods and paint I use, with lots of tips in between! 
It includes a detailed painting breakdown, with gorgeous photography, to my best selling Mimosa Moons design. The 28 page guide suits complete painting beginners, or will provide insight to experienced painters who want to give candles a go! I hope it has come at a good time, when we are all starting to think about gifts and upcoming dinners and celebrations.
I am so excited about this and had loads of fun pulling it together (with lots of help from and thanks to Alice Walker and Loulou Clark). I've included a glimpse below of the images so you know what to expect.
The e-book will be available to buy from the Orna website on Friday 8th October at 8pm. I've worked really hard to make this beautiful so I really hope you like the idea!

If you have read my newsletters before, you will know I listen to a lot of podcasts whilst painting. A LOT!! I have a wide range I listen to, but am pretty obsessed with anything business related. Here are some recommendations that I find very listenable…
(click pics/title to be taken to podcast page)
The Fashion Feed- a podcast giving lots of insight into running an independent fashion brand. Although I'm no longer in fashion, I love hearing the stories and experiences behind running and starting a small fashion business.
Conversations of Inspiration- this podcast often gives me goose bumps or alternatively makes me cry! I love the way it starts right at the beginning of entrepreneurs lives and childhoods, providing lots of revelations and a proper peek into their private lives (still in shock that Sir John Timpson fostered 90 kids!?!?!).
It reminds me of my fave podcast How I Built This but with a British brand slant. I find every episode really juicy - some top episodes include Charlie Bigham, The Black Farmer, Sir John Timpson and of course the ASLMM gals!
My Small Business & Me - this podcast has interviews with business owners but always with a floral spin! I love the focus on imagery with lots of detailed questions such as what camera they use, and business routines.
I've been painting a lot of Autumnal designs- which all sold out within 24 hours!! The Thanksgiving Turkeys went in 12 minutes, and I had a few messages about doing more. I was quite conscious to do an early drop as a lot of you are over the pond, but I have done a small batch of Autumnal restock (including more Turkeys!) to drop TODAY MONDAY 4TH OCTOBER 9PM BST, along with a Halloween option!!!
These will be dispatched Tuesday 5th/Wednesday 6th October. 
The Lucky Dip candles are revealed in the monthly newsletter. I am so paranoid about ruining any surprises, so hoping by revealing two months later this should be okay for any gifting! August just had to be dedicated to one of my favourite flowers… Echinacea purpurea with some white Cosmos flowers and stars. 
⭐Mini Halloween/Turkeys restock Monday 4th October 9pm BST⭐
🌙Mimosa Moons- guide to painting candles 8th October 8pm BST🌙
🎄First Christmas drop (tiny sneak peek below*) 25th October 🎄
😁A South London Makers Market 7th November (my first real life market!!!)😁