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Behind the Scenes- January and February

It feels like I haven't sat down and written for a very long time. We swapped out the windy greys and browns of half-term England for the varied blues (just look at those blues!!!), greens and other primary brights of South Africa this month. I took a little IG break from posting, but have so much refreshed inspo from seeing somewhere new and in a different climate. Looking forward and feeling very ready for summer here now!
Here is a tiny, tiny snap shot of our time away visiting a very special place near Cape Town. My phone is brimming with Matisse style cut-out seaweed, miles of twinkling shells and, my o my new passion, lots of rock photos. 
I really didn't know it was possible to love rocks until now and have a new appreciation of them. Usually and naturally my eyes are drawn to all the types of colourful showy flowers and greens but travelling around Cape Point, and mistaking rocks for animals, I was really captivated by how many shades, shapes and variations there were, when confronted with a rocky landscape.
 Each rock face or stack appeared like cartoon characters or knobbly creatures, and my facial pareidolia was going really wild. The rocks alone were pumping me with inspiration, but we did actually spot a few tiny baby baboons with their mums and dads, a lone excellently camouflaged zebra, a fast paced tortoise and funny beach roaming ostriches in between.. but after that injection of wildlife, I still definitely have a new passion for rocks. Not sure where to go with this, but will see if it continues in the UK 😁
Oh and I could not pass this beautiful rare bookshop without bringing this 1950s wild flower book home with me - would have bought it for the cover alone! Real life treasure!
It was such a brilliantly crammed (yet spacious) book shop, could have spent a day in there but with the kids across the road, it was a time is of the essence situation, but I'm so pleased to have found this gem and also later find their Instagram as I write this to link them here!
Before I departed, I was painting wedding gift orders and some other bespoke orders. I can't always share as the events haven't passed but I can share the attached new bits (haven't done a US or GB flag before! And also a very special symbolic Robin… not just for Christmas). 
With UK Mother's Day approaching, I have been painting candle stock from all the collections, as last year the candles were popular to post far away mums as gifts. I started painting before my holiday (and also needing to make up double painting time for actually going on holiday!)
With my previous Buyer analytical skills, I can hopefully predict from my January sales, along with my Maison Flaneur orders, what will be the most popular designs going into March. 
So I hope I have painted the right designs for your mums/mams/special loved ones and you will find the website nice and stocked for the next drop (see below for dates)🤞
The Lucky Dip option for December was a pine and gold star twist. I hope everyone that received or gave one enjoyed their surprise! Feels strange seeing Christmas again here after that burst of sunshine!
Lucky Dips will be available at the next drop and will be floral based (the only clue I am giving).
🌼Friday 25th February Restock 8pm🌼 
💐Mother's Day Special 11th March 10am (new UK time trial)💐
🐥Easter drop 25th March 🐥
And as always, if you'd like to try painting your own candles, I also have my guide available to download too.