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Behind the Scenes- November

Now back to the usual newsletter musings… I've tried looking through my photos to try and jog the old aging memory about what I've been doing the last month, and I really have been painting candles every day and evening for most of November. My photo album is filled with candles and about 3 photos of the children and my stunning wreath a friend made me. Even no pics of dark walks with the dog😅 
As a small one person business the lead up to Christmas has been all consuming! I put all my energy into each candle collection and restock, my brain always whirring and worrying that you guys are going to get bored of candles, so I spend every minute thinking of new candles and floral designs and how I can take my business forward... and you keep me going each month.
I thank you for each and every order for keeping my business here still. As I approach the first birthday of Orna (pics below of my first little shoot and collection in December 2020) I am filled with pure happiness that I get to paint for my job, and smile thinking of the customers I have, your comments, encouraging messages and voice notes are like the best colleagues I could wish for 🥰
New designs this month include dark based winter painted floral candles. The Black Floral I launched in October has been so popular that the Buyer in me had to do some new versions of! Hope you love them! 
The Lucky Dips for October were the colourful orange bursts of the Marigold. Unfortunately I didn't manage to get a good pic! See some behind the scenes pics instead (if you have a nice photo I would be so grateful if you could share it with me!)
I will try to do a restock weekly in the lead up to Christmas, international delivery will be tight, but UK customers will be able to order comfortably in time for Christmas. I am also including some old non Christmas favourites ideal for gifting into the New Year.
🎅Christmas restock Friday 3rd December 8pm 🎅
🌙Christmas restock Thursday 16th December 8pm 🌙
If you would like to learn to paint candles to gift to your family and friends this festive season, I also have my guide available to download too.