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Behind the Scenes- December

BEHIND THE SCENES: AWAY FROM PAINTING  With candle drops almost weekly through December, I was very busy packing and focusing on orders, thank you so, so much! I hope you all enjoyed the candles over the festive time!   As soon as the last bags went to the post office, I conked out, and spent time with my children for their Christmas school break. We visited family in Derby and South Wales, where there was lots of forest farm inspiration.   As my hands weren't painting over the break, I dug out my knitting needles and picked up some books. I'm going to try reading more for 2022, so please reply with any reading recommendations!  BEHIND THE SCENES: WHAT I'M...

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Behind the Scenes- October

BEHIND THE SCENES: AWAY FROM PAINTING Some moments away from painting have been spent enjoying the sight and sound of the Brent Geese, who arrive in large flocks (around 4000 birds) in early October. They are the smallest species of goose to visit Britain and I love watching them feeding on the mudbanks and marsh land close to my house. The sound they make is incredible and slightly haunting (might be just me!) and can be heard from some distance away.   The later sunrises in October also meant I could enjoy a few more pink skied beach walks with the dog. I also have enjoyed spotting a lot more mushrooms through October- the rain and cooler weather have bought...

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Behind the Scenes- November

Now back to the usual newsletter musings… I've tried looking through my photos to try and jog the old aging memory about what I've been doing the last month, and I really have been painting candles every day and evening for most of November. My photo album is filled with candles and about 3 photos of the children and my stunning wreath a friend made me. Even no pics of dark walks with the dog😅    As a small one person business the lead up to Christmas has been all consuming! I put all my energy into each candle collection and restock, my brain always whirring and worrying that you guys are going to get bored of candles, so I...

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Behind the Scenes- September

BEHIND THE SCENES: AWAY FROM PAINTING    I really can't jabber on about what I've been up to.. as I have been mainly candle painting non stop! I have had to embrace the kids being in school and cracking on to catch up from the summer holidays, so September has felt non-stop in a good productive kind of way!    ANYWAY I CAN'T WAIT ANY LONGER! First up, I'm really excited to show you all here first, what I have been working on… as I have a lot of messages every day enquiring about my candles, so I would like to present this new e-book, an in-depth comprehensive step-by-step guide behind how to paint candles, including the tools, brushes, methods...

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